createPullRequest API not working

Hey, I’ve added to my query everything that you indicated a need for in the docs for the GraphQL API’s createPullRequestInput, but I’m still getting the following errors:

[data:[createPullRequest:[pullRequest:null]], errors:[[type:UNPROCESSABLE, path:[createPullRequest], locations:[[line:3, column:7]], message:Head sha can't be blank, Base sha can't be blank, No commits between master and CICD-3853_test_branch, Head ref must be a branch]]]

Here’s my code for reference:

// query
    mutation createPrForArns {
      createPullRequest(input:{ baseRefName: "master", body: "my test PR body", headRefName: "my-feature-branch", repositoryId: "my-repo-node-id", title: "test" }) {
        pullRequest {

Any help around this would be highly appreciated.

P.S. It would be really helpful to have examples for the mutations in your API documentation. Thanks.

By the way, there is a commit between the testing branch and the base branch of master - I added a test commit and pushed it up to the testing branch. 


This is working fine for me.

What is the error message that you are getting?

Also, is your testing branch pushed to the origin or it is a local branch?

mutation {
	createPullRequest(input: {
		repositoryId: "X-X-X-X",
		baseRefName: "master",
		title: "Pull request from github V4",
		headRefName: "parithibang-patch-3"
	}) {
		pullRequest {

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Thanks for following up, @parithiban. Turns out it was just the wrong repo ID. The mutation indeed works. 

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Thanks for sharing, works fine.