'created' trigger doen't work for when I created draft Release

When I create a release and save it as a draft, the created trigger didn’t catch that. Works fine when release is published directly. And doesn’t matter if a tag in the release is already existed or created new. I am creating a release in the web app at github.com/[name]/[repos]/releases/new
This doesn’t work as is described in docs (Webhook events and payloads - GitHub Docs)

  • created : a draft is saved, or a release or pre-release is published without previously being saved as a draft.

Thanks for your ideas.

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Is this really about GitHub Actions? The workflow trigger description about on: release states that

The release event is not triggered for draft releases.


The prereleased type will not trigger for pre-releases published from draft releases, but the published type will trigger. If you want a workflow to run when stable and pre-releases publish, subscribe to published instead of released and prereleased .


Webhook events might differ, but it could also be a documentation issue and they might actually follow the behavior of workflow triggers.