Created a second pull request to change a commited file in markdown-portfolio. but i cannot review!

I can edit the File  okay.

changing the erroneous:



# ThinkWriteFly
## Code::Poetry

 but once I go to merge the branch, the approve option is greyed out and the notification says.
“Pull request authors can’t approve their own pull requests!”

I am the only user on the tutorial. If I can’t approve the changes I make how do I move forward?
I feel like I’m missing something.

@thinkwritefly it’s possible that the bot got a little of track. You are right that you cannot approve your own pull request, so it is likely that the bot created a pull request that is waiting for your approval, OR the bot asked you to create a pull request and the bot will approve. If you make your repository public and share a link I can help futher.