Create windows binary with workflow in a docker container

Hi, I would love to setup continuous delivery for my project. I have yet figured out howto to deal with docker on windows and pushed a test image to Github Container Registry.

First, I tried to use github actions to do the job. But obviously github actions don’t support windows containers.

However, can I run my own docker container on windows-latest with workflows? Is it possible to run my modified windows docker container on github at all?

I am using MSys2 preinstalled in my container and was able to successfully build locally my application in the container.

Here is my repository:

best regards Joël


I think it is possible as long I fix this:

Login Succeeded
latest: Pulling from gsequencer/msys2
a Windows version 10.0.19041-based image is incompatible with a 10.0.17763 host

Yay, actually I am compiling my application on a different container. See here for further information: