Create self-hosted runner command execution error

I am trying to create self-hosted runner from gitbash in my local machine.
Have executed all commands successfully except the last one:

  • This is throwing error “./ line 80: ./bin/Runner.Listener: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error”.

Can you please suggest how to resolve this error?


Not sure what gitbash is. But the most likely explanation is that you’re trying to run a Linux self-hosted runner on Windows, or an a amd64 runner on arm64 or similar.

Where did you get the “self hosted runner”?

It is now May 2022 but for anyone else who runs across this error. I got this wehn trying to setup the ARM64 runner on Amazon EC2 instance.

I was able to fix it by running the following commands before running the ./ command.
sudo yum update -y
sudo yum install -y libicu60 jq

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Hey @tlsimmons88 thanks for chiming in with the fix! Appreciate it :heart:

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