Create repository using template

Hello there!

I was wondering if there was any way to create a repository using the new introduced feature of templates from the API, I couldn’t find anything related to it.

If it’s not yet implemented, what are the plans for this feature to be supported in the API?


A big +1 for this.

It’d be useful to be able to:

  1. List all repos in an org that have the template flag set.
  2. Specify a repo as the template for the create repository API.
  3. Have a reference to the original template repo when retrieving metadata about a repository.
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Hi @undervane & @jits ,

Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list.

Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



For me this would be a basic need. Can you tell me as soon as you are having an ETA for this task please :slight_smile: