create repository - HELP (urgent)

Hi all,

I am newbie and need help 

I have folder on local disk with DB files (folder A), and I need to create own folder (folder B) on the same disk where I can edit DB code and commit it back to folder A…

I tried to create new repository on folder A and it raised an error that is not repository, I also tried to clone repository and the same problem…any idea how to do it?

thx a lot !!!

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Unless I misunderstand, it sounds like you want to set up a local Git repository. I.e. you wish to avoid using a server such as Github.

Git does not require a remote server: you can set up your folder A as a git repository. You will then clone that repository to folder B, make changes in folder B, and all commits and pushes will go into folder A.

So to set up a local Git repository, you will need to:

  1. Install git

  2. Perform a “git init” on your folder A (see this).

Folder A is now a git repository.

For folder B, you then do a “git clone <folderA>”. Any changes you wish to preserve into folder A, you then do “git commit” and “git push” as normal.