Create repository button disabled from GUI

When creating a new repository, the “create repository” button is disabled. Modifying filled out fields or tabbing across the fields enables the button but no consistency as to what is the root cause.

Browsers: Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (32-bit), Firefox 83.0 (64-bit)


  1. From the landing page, click + and create new repostory
  2. Add repository name e.g. “java-hello-world”
  3. Leave description blank
  4. Set repo to public / private
  5. Add Readme
  6. Add .gitignore
  7. Do not set a template for gitignore

Expected results:
Create repository button is enabled

Actual results:
Create repository button is disabled

Add a description and tab off the description field. The create repo button becomes enabled. Remove the description and the button is still enabled.


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I’ve tried this in a couple of browsers with different accounts and I can’t reproduce this behaviour.

Could you try this in an Incognito or Private Browsing window? - this will rule out any browser extensions interfering. And make sure you’re using a supported browser.

I’ve updated the browser details. Tested on Chrome and again on Fireox, same issue.

@mohanidragel I noticed this happened to me when selecting the Add .gitignore option where I forgot to select an option.


Make sure you have selected a template from the dropdown.


You have a better eye than I have! That’s it of course. You can’t create a .gitignore without selecting a template.

See workaround section - the gitignore template could be ignore by adding a description or tabbing off it. Retested this weekend and the issue is resolved.

The workaround mentioned is super helpful. @canuckjacq can this bug be resolved and we don’t need to necessarily follow the workaround, because it is super annoying having to do so!

Is your desired workflow to create a .gitignore but without a template?

i had the same problem so i decided to enable the button by myself. I’m sorry but I was in a hurry e.e

Hi, I am using Firefox 84.0.2, the issue still persists.

This is the simple reason you don’t disable buttons. Allowing the click but providing validation would mean we wouldn’t have to Google this with everyone else. Terrible UX. Also, I figured “none” would be acceptable and still am not sure what I should pick for a plain HTML project. Maybe I don’t need one.

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You get it all wrong… every project ( even if its plain HTML ) needs .gitignore; jest simple scenario: you want to let IDE write config files into the project dir; obviously you dont want these files to be accessible by others, so you just add oneliner in .gitignore and this way, files listed in .gitignore are ignored when commiting/pushing…

Its an abysmal UX experience. You shouldn’t need to google to find an explaination of why a button is greyed out! Also I noticed this ‘applies to choose a license’ drop down too.

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I found that simply refreshing the page was sufficient to activate the create repository button. I noticed that a green checkmark also appeared next to my proposed repo name after refreshing, which makes me suspect the culprit is whatever method they use to check repo names.

This happened to me too and after several attempts using Safari, I got the repo name to be checked and the create button was enabled. But then it happened again for a second repo. I ended up switching to Chrome and the name verification went through with no problem and I was able to create the second repo right away. It seems to get stuck sometimes verifying the repo name.

Strangely, but the solution for me was not refreshing the page, but simply deactivating dark reader extension. Once the extension was deactivated for github page, the problem did not appear anymore.

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That worked for me - THANKS!

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I had the same problem. I wanted to create a .gitignore for a C# .Net project but C# and .Net are not options; so I chose none. While trying to get the button to work with no feedback about why it was disabled I tried adding a license, set it to none, which also causes the Create Repository button to be disabled. Pretty surprising the web page UI for github is so poor.