Create releases for old commits?

Hello everyone,

I just want to create tags for some old commits, so I tried to “create a new release” in the releases page of my repository. 20180420162529.png

However, in Target - Recent Commits drop-down menu, I couldn’t find the commits I wanted to tag with, only very few commits were listed.

So is it possible to create a release for a specified commit on Github?

Thank you for any help :)

Hi @gpbeta,

If you are unable to tag the commit that you want in the GitHub web interface, you can still tag the commit manually using the Git command line client. Then you can push that tag up to your GitHub repository and make a release based on that tag.

You can also create a tag using the GitHub API as long as you know the SHA of the object that you’re tagging.



Thank you for the solution, it solved my problem :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, @gpbeta! I’m glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Is it on the roadmap to fix this issue, to atleast allow for fuzzy searching? Seems clunky to have to go the API route for a commit more than a few days old.


Looking forward to it!


We were also struggling with this limitation, but here is a workarround to manage to create a release on an old commit directly from

  • Go on the commit direclty (

  • Click on the “Browse files” button (

  • Create a branch on this commit by hitting the “Tree” drop down, try to find an unexisting branch name, and create it

  • Go on the release creation form, and instead of looking into the “recent commits”, find your freshly created branch

  • Create your release

  • Delete this temporary branch



Good this is satisfactory