Create release with new folder


I am able to create a new release when pushing tags and i can create zip file with compiled assets.

when i unzip the folder, it extracts into current folder i.e. Downloads but instead, i want github actions to create zip into a new folder, so that when extracted, files will be copied into Downloads/xyz

otherwise, those who download my artifast/release may have hard time finding all newly created files.

i guess, i explained my problem :frowning:

Hope to hear a solution, thanks :smiley:


When you unzip a ZIP file, the files will be unzipped to the current directory by default.
However, you can also specify the directory to a different than the current.

You can use the unzip command to unzip the ZIP file, and use the -d option to specify the directory.
For example, in your workflow you can set a step like as below:

- name: Unzip
  run: unzip -d /path/to/directory