Create Release that contains submodule?

Register +1 for fixing this bug: The source tarball should be complete so that it will work, currently “Download Zip” provides a broken source package with empty submodule folders.

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adding a +1 to this request

I would also appreciate this feature.

+1 from me too.

Thank you!

+1 for me, too! And please hurry!

Adding my +1 to the pile

+1 Would love to see this as well, or atleast the .gitmodules file

+1 for this. I could really use this on my company’s Enterprise instance as well.

+1 for this request!

  • 1 for this request

+1 and also a warning would be nice while creating a release! Any updates from github on this?

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+1 for this request!!

Another +1 from me! please please implement this feature :pleading_face:

+1 for this request!

Hi @that-pat @andreagriffiths11 ,

+1 from me as well. That makes it +33. Could one of you please give us an update if this bug will be ever fixed? An update from github would be highly appreciated even if it says “we will never fix this”.


Its now 2021 and this is still an issue, please advise if this will be fixed, or even if you’ll just provide an action so we can put it into our CI pipeline.

It’s necessary for my Package Manager

Please please please make it happen. Broken-by-default source packages is really bad.

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Do not worry, they “will add your comment as a plus one to our internal feature request issue” :slight_smile: .