Create Release that contains submodule?

Register +1 for fixing this bug: The source tarball should be complete so that it will work, currently “Download Zip” provides a broken source package with empty submodule folders.

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I would also appreciate this feature.

+1 from me too.

Thank you!

+1 for me, too! And please hurry!

Adding my +1 to the pile

+1 Would love to see this as well, or atleast the .gitmodules file

+1 for this. I could really use this on my company’s Enterprise instance as well.

+1 for this request!

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+1 and also a warning would be nice while creating a release! Any updates from github on this?

+1 for this request!!

Another +1 from me! please please implement this feature :pleading_face:

+1 for this request!