Create React App with custom domain sometimes shows on github pages and other times doesn't

I’m trying to deploy my create react app project onto github pages with a custom domain and the domain will show the app properly sometimes and other times won’t show it at all. Basically, It’ll randomly stop working sometimes and then go back to showing the app sometime later and then it repeats itself. When it doesn’t show anything, the Github Pages section in my project’s repo will show: “Domain does not resolve to the Github Pages server.” I don’t believe it’s an issue with DNS propagation since it’s been more than a day of having this issue.

The issue started occurring once I added a custom domain for the repo. Before that, the react app was properly deployed to the github link I had specified for it which was “https://[my org’s github]”

Here is the domain I am trying to deploy the app to:

I’ve followed all the steps listed in github pages for setting up an apex domain.

It should work since the github pages ip addresses are showing when I search my domain in a dns checker. In my domain provider, I also added a www CNAME that’ll redirect to my apex domain.

What may be causing the issue: the repo name doesn’t follow the format [username] .

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I should also add that the homepage specified in my package.json is “