Create OAuth test/demo user for Apple Review process?


Is there a way to create GitHub test/demo user in order to test/review my Oauth app?

I would like to submit an app to Apple’s app store with “Login with GitHub” option (OAuth app)

The thing is that Apple requires a demo user to login with in order to review my app. Providing my personal account is not an option so I considered creating a different GitHub account just for this, the problem is that Apple reviewer gets a “Device verification” message during the review and cannot continue without the verification code I got to my personal email address.

currently my app cannot be reviewd by Apple and got rejected for this reason.

Any Suggestion?



You may want to create an email account that is only for that demo user account and share the email login credentials with Apple? That way if they get a “Device verification” message, they can log in to the email address and get the verification code to continue.

I hope that helps!