Create new repo from a specific branch in template

Hi, really loved the option to create a new repo from an existing repo using a template.
However, the only option right now is to create the template with all branches or just using main. It will be really helpful if I could choose a specific branch to use for the template.

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Is this not the same when you go to Settings and check Template repository?

Yes, this is exactly the feature I’m talking about.
The problem is that currently, you can only choose master or all branches, and not just a specific branch.

why would you select a certain branch over main as for the template? And there is nothing with it, main is still a branch, so you can select main as the branch, right? then make that as your template,

By the way, master on GitHub is now main,

Because I have a main repo with a couple braches, that each one of them is slightly different. And I want to pick one of them as a template based on some logic.

yes, that’s the purpose of a branch, to try some ideas while it’s not yet final

I suggest that you need to decide then make that as your main and create that as your template, because a template is already final, it should be the main, isn’t it?

No, this is not always the purpose of branches. Branch is sometimes used for dev vs prod, developing different versions of the same product or just exploring new ideas on the side.