Create multiple websites with multiple domains in one repo?

Hello, simple question. Is it possible to have multiple different websites with multiple different domains in one GitHub repository? For example, I want to host the websites and on my repo SirNapkin1334/SirNapkin1334 (cannot link because new user), and they will have different content. If I have to put them in different folders or branches, that’s okay. In fact, multiple branches would be ideal for keeping things organized. Thanks for reading.

Hi @SirNapkin1334, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

GitHub Pages only supports a single custom domain per repository. For your case I’d instead recommend creating separate repositories to host your different sites—if the content is going to be completely different across both. That way you can keep the source code for both sites separate and allow you to attach your custom domains to each independently.

Once you’ve uploaded your site’s content you can enable Pages from the repository settings and then add your custom domain.

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