Create more than 1 account. Do they mind?

I (one real user) would like to create more than 1 account, mainly because each account can make one website (AFAIK).
BTW, the websites aren’t necessarily about programming.
I just have some business I want to advertise, or cause or anything.
Does GitHub mind this or is it ok ?

Each repo on your account can has GitHub pages in it. They do mind, and you can get a warning email & accounts locked out if you create multiple accounts.

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Please refer to the GitHub Terms of service for our policies.

If you need more than one account, you can create organisations owned by your own account, but you may only have one free GitHub account. This should help you with creating an organisation:

We have more information here about associating pages sites with repositories as well:

Strictly speaking it’s forbidden to use multiple free accounts. However there is no possibility for an alias unfortunately. Is it valid to create a second account and keep the first one as an (historical) archived account? Or would you rather suggest to simply change the name?
Actually I would really like to see an option to have at least 1 Alias.
I currently use my nickname which I always used back in the days. However I want to change to real/clear name but somehow keep the old nickname as well.