create interactive map of only one country

Hello all,
Im trying to make a turistic web site with all of the turistic places in my country it is Bosnia and Herzegovina so the idea is to make a big map of all country with pins on citys and than showing categories like historical places and so on. I was thinking in using vue and vuetify since i got good exp in it, but now my problem is that on all maps that i find there is a world map only and nowhere to find single country maps i could use.

Im doing this project for me so I dont have any client obligations all ideas are wellcome thanks a lot for your time.

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I’m missing something. OK, you’re planning to use Vue, but how were you planning to show a map?

Some options I find are Google Maps, Azure Maps, D3, …

E.g. making a map of Spain using D3

E.g. Google maps - defined by lat / long