Create GitHub Organization via REST API v3


I dont see an API available to create GitHub Organization via REST API v3. However i can only see it enabled at user level (Click on the + button -> Create Organization)

I was going through the API documentation and i could’nt find it:

We requrie it on Enterprise GitHub (currently we are on v2.16.4 ). Please let us know if this is a feature planned for a future release.

Surya Vallabhaneni

It appears that there is already an API for creating organizations in Enterprise v2.16.

Let us know if you have more questions.

Is a similar api available for organizations?

Welcome to the community @hellemansjelle.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, can you talk a bit more about what it is you’re trying to get done?

Thank you @lee-dohm.

My employer wants to automate the creation and deletion of organizations.

But that functionality doesn’t seem to be present in the API documented at

Now I was hoping since they have an Enterprise Cloud account that some of the functionality of the Enterprise Server described at would be available too.

If creating/deleting enterprise level organizations through the API isn’t available what would the recommended way be to automate this?

I found I can post form data to github_com/enterprises/<enterprise_name>/organizations and that works, but isn’t exactly elegant to catch any errors (like name already exists).

Is the usage of these private apis frowned upon?