Create branch protection rules at an organization level

We currently have GHE and are undergoing a divestment and will be re-evaluaring GHE as we separate.

This is a real issue for us as many other people have said it makes it very difficult to automatically secure new repos to any sort of standard.

Come on team, the other providers all see how important this feature is!

+100 staff

+1. Really strange that this is not already in place.

+1 for this feature,
Also i would suggest improve the template repository API by giving us the features of copying required settings.

And for the users, i was working on repository creation automation, there I have implemented adding the default protection to master branch and many other stuffs like adding hooks and Collaboration and Teams using Java code , if any one interested kindly reply I would be very to share my code.

+1 for this feature. I believe it should be available at repository level as well as organization level. Thereby, if there is a requirement we could disable protection in specific branch through the repository.

+1 for this feature, it would be really helpfull

+1. Seems like core func that every org needs unless they run a monorepo.

+1 please add this feature <3

+1 for this feature, really hard to maintain lots of repos

i am also looking for the ruleset on org level so a common way to protect branches/repos my team is creating

+1 for this feature, because it’s hard to maintain a lot of micro-services (each with its own repository)

+1 Here! it’s hard to maintain the new repos :pray:

+1 This would be a huge value add for us!


Come on, GitHub, you’re not the only player in town :slight_smile:

+1 I would really like this both for organizations as well as my personal account.

+1 Why isn’t this a thing?

+1 Any updates about this?