Create an issue with GraphAPI v4

Hi can someone help me finding documentation for creating an issue with GraphAPI v4? I see the v3 version at and just want to see the equivilant in v4.

Appreciate it!


I looked in mutations but was unable to find anything related to issues. : )

Hi @wei,

It is not currently possible to create Issues through the GraphQL API. However, the GraphQL API is in active development and adding this ability is being discussed in the GitHub Platform Community.



Any updates on this thread?

I saw CreateIssuePayload is listed on documentation site, but not sure how to use it.

mutation do\_thing {  
  createIssue(input: {repositoryId: "repository\_id\_goes\_here", title: "this is a test"}) {  

This works, obv the community forum doesn’t support markdown but this worked for me.