Create an app based on a website

Hi, I want to make a simple app that is basically a browser of one website.
Is it something possible to do by myself or do I must use a third-party app (like appypie)

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Hi @olifsh08 and welcome on board.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by

It sounds like you’re willing to create a pseudo-browser (i.e. a browser which is limited to showing a single website of your choice). If this is the case, then there are various solutions, depending on which OS you’re planning to develop it.

What you’re looking for is a Web Browser component — i.e. a browser library that you can add to your application to show web pages (online or offline) and which you can control programmatically.

Under Windows you can use the native WebBrowser Control from the WinAPI (which is based on Internet Explorer) and is always available on any Windows machine without installation. You then only need to interface to the WinAPI to add the WebBrowser Control to a window created by your app — and you can do this with any programming language that supports interfacing to C libraries;

The process is similar on other OSs, but they use different native libraries, or your might need to pick a browser library of your choice.

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Thats neat, I was thinking of trying to mix something up with Termux and create a community based project and app inside of the app itself.

If your website is on WordPress, then you can use a plugin to convert your website into app. The plugin is androapp wordpress plugin. I did the same for my website of smoke air purifier reviews and got the good results.

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I am so sorry @KristaGoldberg it took me so long to read this, but are you still hosting and writing online? If so you could message me back anytime thanks…