Create AMOLED Mode

Dark mode looks quite nice at this time, but most applications these days either include a black “AMOLED” mode as a replacement or even instead of the grayish mode that is currently used. In my opinion, as well as those of many others, a black dark mode looks much better in modern UIs. Please consider creating one as a theme option. :slight_smile:


There should be 2 types of dark mode then in this case. One is AMOLED dark, while the other dark would be a bit greyish or something softer dark color.

Thanks for the feedback @onkoe - we chose to go with a very dark gray (almost black) for the initial theme, and we flip to an even darker color on mobile web so that it works better on OLED screens (though we’re still iterating on some finished touches there). We are planning to add more themes and I will pass onto the team to consider an AMOLED option.