Create a workflow that will build wordpress theme file but will leave WPE Local files as is

Hello, I have set up a Git set up for my organization. There are repos I will be uploading. They are all Wordpress sites that are hosted on Flywheel. I set up the first site. I have everything working and building properly. Now I am wondering this, my Git repo of this site is only the content inside my wp-content folder. This is the only way it builds to Flywheel for me. When you pull a site from Flywheel’s Local app, it adds some parent folders of app, conf, and logs. In app is a folder called public. Within public lives all the Wordpress core files along with the folder wp-content. What does my .yml file need to say in order for me to be able to push all my files to Git? The idea is that anyone can pull down a Git repo from my org and work in the Local app. Here is my .yml file:

name: Cardinal Deploy
branches: [ master ]
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/checkout@v2
- name: Deploy to Server
uses: easingthemes/ssh-deploy@v2.1.5
ARGS: -rltgoDzvO --exclude .git --exclude .github
TARGET: /www/wp-content/

Now I have tried o change the TARGET to be app/public/wp-content/ but that also did not work for me. I am not good with workflows as this is my first one. But I am eager to solve this issue. Any help will do! Thanks!