Create a check run, details_url is not being set

Hello all!

I am using the JavaScript packages (@actions/core & @actions/github) inside my custom GitHub action. According to the rest api I should be able to provide a details_url as an option of my creation request. Now matter what I seem to do the details_url does not seem to be set in the check that is displayed on the pull request page. I think I am missing something here.

Thanks for your help!

Here is the repo: GitHub - bkwhite/checks-playground


:wave: Hey @bkwhite, that repository is private so I don’t have access to it.

Are you creating these check runs with the GITHUB_TOKEN or a token generated by a GitHub app?

Hello! Sorry that repo got moved to an org.

Here is the new link cypress-check/index.ts at 4237cf576cfa4e7c10da9f81efaf163ce65ca9f3 · soomo/cypress-check · GitHub. We were trying to set the details_url in the octokit.checks.create function and not having any luck.

We are using the token that is passed from the action into the check run.

We don’t support showing a details_url for check runs created with the Actions GITHUB_TOKEN.

If you want this scenario to work, you’d need to use a different token from a GitHub App.

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