Create a bookmark to save repos for later

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Main idea:
Create a bookmark button to save repositories in a tab on your profile (just like so they keep stored there, where you can navigate through and see the ones you’re interested in. It would also be nice to have an option to make this tab private (so only you can see your bookmark).

Why is this useful?:
By the time I’ve spent on GitHub, I’ve found interesting repositories about different topics that I wanted to save to see them later. The “problem” comes in because there’re some repositories I want to save to see later but I don’t want to give them a star (just because I’m not into the repository or I don’t consider it deserves a star from me but still want to save it for later). Think of this feature as a YouTube video (kind of): if you want to save a video for later, you can save it to one of your playlists (like “Watch later”) to see the video when you want. If you like the video, you give it a like, if you don’t, you don’t give it a like.

Why don’t just save the repository link as a bookmark on your browser or see the browser history?
Bookmarking the repository link in your browser bookmark is an option, but I (and many other people) have a lot of bookmarks in our browsers. It is inefficient to search for the repository you want because you probably have other links bookmarked. Of course, you could create a folder in the browser bookmark just for GitHub repositories, but still, you’ll have to guide only for the page’s title, while if having this option you could search for the repositories while seeing the repo stars, language, forks and, most importantly for this purpose, the repo description (as wrote earlier, it could work exactly like the ?tab=stars) tab).
About looking through the browser’s history, I think it’s obvious to write that most people search for a lot of websites throughout the day, making you waste a lot of your time searching for the repository you’re looking for.

First of all, I thought a good name for this would be “Bookmark” (both for the tab and the button). Though that name for a button is a bit long, so maybe “Save” would be better. “saved” for the tab (?tab=saved) would be nice. I also thought about “favorite/Favorites”, but it may cause confusion for newcomers as the star icon is used for “starring” a repo, but the star icon is commonly used “to mark something as favorite” (just like the icon to bookmark/“favorite” something in Google Chrome).
Here’s a little interface example I’ve created:

The name of the button and the icon are just ideas of how it could look like (dark theme)

I also thought the icon could be just next to the repo’s name, but I prefer the position I made above.
When you click “Save” it saves in the tab (or any other tab name). You can un-save a repository when you want. The “saved” tab could be just like the “stars” tab: you can see the information of the repos, filter them and un-save them from there too. You could also set that tab to private. The option could be on the settings page, or maybe in the “saved” tab itself.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you!

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Hi :wave:

I love your detailed thoughts on this feature. I too have longed for such functionality. I am sure others will agree as well.

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I’ve already sent my idea through the link you typed. Apologies for using this forum instead of that link.
Thank you!

No worries! Others may want to chime in about this idea here on the forum also. Thanks for sharing here.


Thanks @JoseDeFreitas for putting forward the feature request for having something like a bookmark for the interested projects. I too was looking for something for the same and while searching stumbled upon this page.
Will wait for it :slight_smile:

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