Crash in profile

iPhone SE

Below the avatar is the following button. There is 1 organization on the list. I click on the button, a list of organizations is displayed. I click on the organization - the application crashes. After that, when you click on the following, the application starts to crash. After cleaning the cache, everything starts again.

is this GitHub Mobile on iPhone ? you can provide screenshots too

Yea, that GitHub Mobile Version 1.57.0 (62668849),
on iPhone SE - ios 14.7.1

I click on “following”

next, this window opens

and then I click on the first organization in the list, after that the organization appears for a second and the application crashes

after that, the application starts to crash when I click on “following” in the first screenshot.

and if I clean the cache, then it all starts from the beginning.

I can also find the right organization through the search and log in to it without any problems.

It looks like this problem is solved with one of the patches.