Course stuck on merge

Went thru course and it will not complete step 8. Don’t think I did anything wrong. Merged and then Deleted but robot stuck. How do I proceed on thru the learning?

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Hi @geodin2019,

Thank you for sending in this error. I took a look at your repository and everything looks correct. The steps you took should have resulted in a bot response. Sometimes the bot response can take a few moments before responding from an action. In the meantime, if another action takes place that the bot wasn’t expecting, such as the event of restoring the merged branch and re-merging, it’s possible that a response may not come through. 

I marked this step as complete and still couldn’t get a response back. This was the last step in the course before you get the congratulations image with links to more courses you can take. We’ll look more into it but you may need to unregister and then register again for the course to compelte it through. I just ran through the course and was able to complete all steps as instructed. 

Thank you, and I apologize for the issue you experienced. Happy learning!