Course is not created after pressing "Create course" button

I’m trying to create a course, but the UI hangs forever. The screenshot is done after I pressed “Create course” button. See the progress indicator at the top. The course template repository is created, the course repository itself is not. Looks like a bug.

I was trying to create a course from time to time and it looks like I was able to do it recently.

Never received the confirmation from UI, progress indicator was still active, but the repos were created.

Ok, I tried testing creating a course based on the repository resulted from the previous actions.

Result: UI hangs, no course seems to be created.

Tried to create a new course repository once again, the same symptoms as initially

After some time, the course seemed to appear at “

A confirmation in the UI or an e-mail might have helped.

@ntaranov I’d be glad to open an issue for the engineering team to look into what occurred and how to improve the experience. If you could provide a few more details like the date/time it occurred and your browser I’ll make sure to do that.

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Hi @hectorsector,

All the events described took place shortly before I posted about them. This is relevant for all the posts.

About my initial attempt creating the course. I was on Win 10, both Chrome (latest) and Firefox (latest).
Surprisingly, I was able to create a course shortly after from Ubuntu 20, Chromium. Not sure if the client soft was relevant, or just the timing.

Thanks for the info, @ntaranov. I’ve opened an issue for the engineering team and will provide an update here if they’re able to get to the bottom of it.

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