Couldn't find the pull requests in Tortoise Git / Smart Git

Hello there,

I created a new Fork repository(MyName/ProjectName) from the main branch, and then created a new branch(ECP-XYZ) in that Fork repository.

So there are two cases :

  1. I created a pull request using the git website, but I can’t find that pull request(ECP-XYZ) in my main branch using TortoiseGit (it’s visible only on the git website or SmartGit), it was pretty easy without the Fork repo, I was able to see them easily and merging was convenient using TortoiseGit.

  2. If I create a pull request using TortoiseGit it’s nowhere to be found, not even on the git website.

I’m looking for a way to merge the new branch created from fork repo (ECP-XYZ) to my main branch (using Tortoise git or Smart git if possible).

I would really appreciate any kind of help here.

Thanks in advance.