Could not find a set of Noto fonts to display all missing characters

I get error on vs code in debug console when taping on button were icon are not showing properly and drawer are not showing properly. I am not able to fix this issue, lastly i am here for getting solution.

after checking in chrome or any emulator it shows error(not showing icon.done and drawer properly

you and see the login button…but not shwing the icons

here drawer was not showing properly. when i install this application in my android phone then also this problem is happening.

i also download google noto fonts and successfully transfer to system fonts of laptop but still this problem is not going.

My whole week is wasted to solve this problem but not able to do that.

Is this issue possible related to your situation? Could not find a set of Noto fonts to display all missing characters · Issue #76093 · flutter/flutter · GitHub

yes, what is solution of that issue

For the exact details of that issue, I’d suggest reading the discussion in the issue. If the issue seems similar, but no clear solution is provided, try opening one.

what is noto fonts…which giving the problems in showing icons and some small stuff. How to get noto fonts.

The homepage for the Noto fonts is here: Google Noto Fonts

How to install them depends on your system (OS, desktop environment). Most Linux distributions have packages for them.