Could I display only action workflow name in my repo

I have a GitHub action workflow that tests my python program.
The definition file like beflow

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    timeout-minutes: 120
        python-version: [3.5,3.6,3.7]
        tf-version: [1.14.0,1.15.0]
      fail-fast: false

Every time it run, it would display all the job in the matrix

Could I only display a workflow name, instead of all jobs in matrix?

Hi @pingsutw,
I am afraid that your requirement could not be reached. The PR checks list is showing all check runs. Check run is for each job . Workflow name could present the whole workflow run, it is a check suite.

According to the document: GitHub creates a new check suite for each workflow run. The check suite contains a check run for each job in the workflow .

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@yanjingzhu thanks for the reply.
Are you going to support such feature, so we can hide these runs in the workflow.
For example, if I have 2 workflow, python and java, and each contains 10 runs.
could I just show two workflow, and then I could click a button to see my runs in each workflow.

I would encourage you to share your idea in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions.

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