Costing, Security and Maintenance

Hello Team,

We would like to subscribe to GitHub private repositories features to maintain some of our Business data files with version controls.
But we would like to know more information about costing, security and Maintenance of our data.
Can anybody give me more insights of GitHub usage, security, costing and Maintenance details.


Hi @fs786vamasta, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Could you give some more specific info on exactly what you’re looking for?

We have some information about the Team plan available on the following page:

There’s also a comparison of all our available plans on this page:

If you have some specific requirements, or are looking for more detailed information about our Enterprise or self-hosted plans then I’d recommend reaching out to our sales team using the “contact sales” button at the previous link.

Hello Thomas,

Hope you are doing well.

Thanks for your quick response on this.

We would like to use Git (GitHub) to keep our code with version controls, mainly we wanted to adhere to distributed version control system policy.
However, we would like to understand below key points.

  1. As per the below diagram and Git features and flow, GitHub maintains our data or code within the Git database and acts like a Remote (/or Central) repository? Am I right?
    Then, developers can collaborate from their respective local systems, etc…

In this case, how can we protect our data which is maintained into your database (GitHub), how secure is GitHub?


  1. Is it possible to use our own database as a Remote (/or Central) repository and can use Git (/GitHub) features for version controlling of our code?
    If it is possible, how Git (/GitHub) provides the security via application?

Hope above my questions are clear? Looking forward to your answers as soon as possible.

If possible, we can have a call (mobile or zoom) together to see whether it can fit into our Business?

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I’d recommend reaching out to our sales team for these sort of questions. They should be able to discuss security along with cloud-hosted vs. on-premises options and pricing for your organization.

Hello Thomas,

Could you please loop this email through the Sales team?
Other side, I have provided my details to Sales team.


@fs786vamasta I think you may be confused as you’re responding to this via an email notification, but your responses are being posted publicly to the GitHub Community Forum. I’m not able to forward this to the sales team as it’s not actually an email!

I’d recommend getting in touch with our Sales team directly via the link I posted previously, that would allow you to ask questions to them directly.