CORS problems on Github assets

With the arrival of apps like, we have come to an age where we can build our (node, …) programs in our browser with 0 setup time or requirements. The problem is that fetching resources from cross-origin domains is often not allowed. APIs like githubs do work but sadly it doesnt work for githubs repository assets, thus i am unable to download and work with them inside my web-container and i am forced to use apps like cors-anywhere - which i dont want.

Now my question: is there a way that i dont know of, that allows me to download assets from cross-origin? And if no, can Github create an exception for stackblitz or even better, allow all assets to be downloaded without throwing CORS errors.

I’ve searched how to contact Github to ask about this but neither twitter nor their contacting page look promising for my issue. I hope i can get some help and tipps here.

Best regards