Correct way to determine if a pull request review was made by a reviewer with write access?

I want to determine if a pull request is approved or not, as per the “Changes approved” UI on a pull request. I thought this would be easy, but it does not appear to be:

  • The v4 PullRequest object does not have this state as a field: (near misses: state, which only says if it’s open/closed/merged; mergeable, which just talks about Git merge state; mergeStateStatus, same thing)
  • The v4 PullRequest has a ‘reviews’ connection; thus, in principle, we can manually iterate through the list of review events and manually figure out what the current state is. However, not all approvals are equal: Git UI distinguishes between reviews from those with “write access” and those without. There is no easy way to determine write access in a single GraphQL query here as we retrieve reviews. A near miss is authorAssociation, but e.g. on I have empirically determined that it classifies people both with and without write access as CONTRIBUTOR, which is not appropriate.
  • The v3 Pull Request payload doesn’t appear to have relevant data:

I /really really/ don’t want to be manually fetching and maintaining a list of people with write access. Is there really no direct way to do this?

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There is definitely a way to determine this via the REST API, because I’ve used it before. It doesn’t appear that this has been implemented in the GraphQL API yet other than for the “viewer”, which doesn’t help if you want to check someone else’s permissions.