Correct link to add to docker registry


Sorry if this is the wrong section but I try to add github to docker on my Synology NAS.
When I add: or …/applejuicenetz/core/ to get this package I only get the message: “Registration has returned bad result”

I try to install this package here:

Can someone tell me how to register gibhut so that I’m able to pull packages and install also other packages from github?

Also tried to contact synology support to get help with this but they told me to ask here at github for the correct url for github so that I can pull packages / images from github.

If this is the wrong section please feel free to let me know or move it to the right section.

Thank you


What do you mean by “register”? Generally for public images from GHCR like the one you linked you should be able to pull without any preparation needed. For private images you’ll need to do docker login (or the equivalent functionality provided by your NAS) with your user name and a PAT with the read:packages scope.


On my nas I can register repository like docker, ailyun or Github to search for images.

Once it is entered you can then search for packages and then install them.
Also tried that with username and password without success.
Also if I don’t understand why that is needed. If I login via SSH in my NAS system and enter :

docker pull (example)

it works but with the GUI of course it would be much more easy and I also would be able to search on Github.

Maybe the search is exactly the problem, as discussed here GHCR doesn’t support the /v2/_catalog endpoint yet:


Was struggling with the same and filed a ticket to Synology since the error message is not very helpful and nothing shows up in the Docker app’s Logs or Log Center app (in the NAS).

Although I understand that adding the registry is not yet possible because the _catalog endpoint is not supported by GHCR, I wonder if that’s also why a container cannot be added by direct link (from the NAS’ Docker > Registry > Image > Add > Add From URL option).

Does this action also rely on the same unimplemented endpoint or is there some other justification?

Thank you!