Copying to Excel or Anki from Reverso

Hello Everyone!!! I would greatly appreciate some help with studying efficiently. I am a complete noob at any kind of coding other than a small amount of c++ lol. I would like to have something like this amazing script ( ) to get sentences for anki (flashcard program) from reverso. I am creating sentences from verbs (The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs) by looking up the verb conjugation on reverso and finding a sentence for each (ie i eat, you eat, i ate, etc). It is taking me forever to get sentences for many of the conjugations by copying and pasting (especially with the other verb books for other languages that I still have to do).

I have tried using webscrapers, but they copy the entire page. I would like to only get particular sentences since some of the sentences are either too long or not well written for a beginner. Ideally, I would like either to:

Have a button appear for each ROW (see attached pic) that will automatically save that PARTICULAR phrase in 1st language (ie Russian) in one column, and phrases in the 2nd language in a different column. From there I could use tab-delineation to add it to ANKI. I realize this might need a way to temporarily save all the items in a table somewhere till i can transfer them to excel later (unless there is a way to add items to excel automatically line by line. Or even better, have it similar to the example github ( where I can have it automatically move one language to the front of the flashcard and the other to the back. ​

Just for a quick example (see pic), I would like to have a button show up on each ROW to the right (after the russian) phrase that automatically will add the English to one column, and the Russian to another. Is there anyone who can help point me in the direction of creating one, or if there are a couple of programs already that can accomplish this. Thanks for any advice! This would be absolutely PHENOMENAL for my language learning.

As to the questions of “why” or “here are pre-made anki decks” - I believe verbs and their conjugations (except for some languages that don’t conjugate obviously) are the way to get me to the next level. What I want is the ability to choose sentences with particular conjugations and extra words that I’m interested in learning. I apologize for posting around, but people suggested I try here, and I’m desperate for a solution so u can really get far in my languages during summer before school starts. Thanks!