Copying Commit SHA From Pull Requests Bug

I’ve recreated this with a couple of repos, branches, new or pre-existing, and with some fellow co-workers on other devices so I’m certain it’s a prevalent bug but it only sometimes occurs on specific pull requests. Unfortunately due to legalities I can’t openly link the pull requests which share this bug but the process is as follows:

  1. Make a pull request for some Branch-A to merge into Branch-B
  2. Go to the [Commits (x)] Tab
  3. On each of the commits there is a clipboard icon button touching a button displaying a shorthand commit SHA code
  4. Clicking on the clipboard icon to copy the full SHA to your device’s clipboard doesn’t actually “work”; nothing is copied and your previous/current clipboard value is unchanged

Any thoughts?

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I have been consistently running into this issue since about June. Latest version of Firefox on Mac OSX 10.15.7.