Copilot waitlist

Except I’m stuck, which made me demotivated, but I will keep trying after school finals.

Its actually really simple, I made a really basic language using python here its meant to be a free way of making simple discord bots and a fun personal project,

all I did was just read a file with the custom code then parse that into python code for running

Cant wait to do this too!

#make a function that hacks into google and creates ssh credentials then prints them

Halp! Waiting list for a year or so… why?

how can the waitlist be for years if github has only been out for around a year

Guys, I’ll tell you a simple way of earning the GitHub copilot:-

Put at least 7 hours of GitHub coding time and push a lot of commits, and surely you will get access to GitHub copilot! :smiley_cat:

this spoiler is nothing bad

@wellsilver, I’m sure that Copilot won’t give any output for that comment.

See @Hackermanepic you only know the value of an object when you work hard for it so please go and start working on other things than waiting for this. You can also refer to this link:- Copilot waitlist - #158 by TarunavBA

Can’t wait for Dragoncitymodapk

I’ve got good news :tada: :woman_pilot:t3:

GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers :airplane:

Check out our blog post for the details!

What happens to users who were on the preview?

Great question :stars:

Those who were on the preview have until August 22nd to sign up for a subscription!

Thanks. It’s funny… I both am and am not a good customer-fit.

Am: Not a real developer, would benefit from the feature.

Not: Not a real developer, so unlikely to pay $10pm for it.

It’s very smart, though. Good luck.