Copilot waitlist

Hey people from the GitHub copilot team, if you are seeing this comment please approve access to GitHub copilot to @shellatomic

Any tips please ???

Hi! I’m waiting for a month to have access to Github copilot. Is any chance to get access? Thanks!

Waiting for 4 months already or more. I don’t even remember when I joined the waiting list. Any chance to get approval for @n-iliev ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s been half a year and I am still in waitlist.

I’m waiting too, I really want to get the Copilot, it would really come in handy and help me in my daily coding routine. I’ve watched a lot of reviews and Copilot just blows my mind, my friend was approved in 1 day, I haven’t yet. Really looking forward to it. If there is anyone here who could help me with this, please help)

I am waiting for around 10 days now, wonder can you add me

i have been waiting for more than 2 weeks now

can I have ur creds for time being…if its ok, here is my mail ID :

p.s : hope u can understand my situation. I have been waiting from a week too… :slight_smile:

waiting too long, 2 weeks from registered.
hope team still look into the pending list :smiley:

Lol, i’m waiting five months :smiley: and in this moment i dont have access to copilot :slight_smile:

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same been waiting for 10 days on the waitlist, knock-knock team I am freezing out. let me in, please. :cold_face:

I’m waiting 1 day but don’t know this patience have a result finally or not ?
some people wrote they have been waiting for 5 month it is ridiculous

its been over a month for me and no email or communication when will it be ready. Really useless. I think they only sending this to the company email address if you apply using your work email then it might work. I am going to try it today. fingers crossed