Copilot waitlist

Apparently Copilot is now part of codespaces. If you really want to try it, you can use codespaces.

How do I activate it in codespaces? Looks like you still need to join the waiting list.

Just noticed this too after trying. They should change their text on the Codespaces landing page. It explicitly says it is included.

More than 2 months and no luck, hope I don’t have to wait for Santa :santa:

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I applied over 3 or 4 months ago, and now, I am still waiting :cold_face:

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*i am waiting for 2 month :disappointed_relieved:

3 months now. At this rate, Ill get a kid before I get on of that waiting lisat

applied 4 months ago and nothing :slight_smile:

I applied 4 months ago and still haven’t gotten a response. My excitement for the GitHub copilot is plummeting at a fast rate. Eventually, I won’t even care when I get in.

I see that a new batch of invitations has just been sent out. Unfortunately I was still not invited. Hopefully I am the next in line. :v:t3:

Hopefully they’ll send them out more frequently…

Looks like we’ll have to wait until it’s out for the public :cry:

They sent out invites again this morning (Europe time). They seem to be sending them out more frequently now. I am still on the waiting list.

@TarunavBA yes it is very frustrating. Especially because they don’t select by the date of when you signed up, but by something else unknown. They don’t have any public release date, and copilot is not included in their public roadmap. Could be soon or it could be in years. 🥲

@madsh93 I’m very eager to know if I’m on that list. I applied for it like 6 months ago. :sparkles::sparkles: