Copilot waitlist

Do we know what the invite order is based on? I signed up 1 day after the announcment and still nothing

I’ve been waiting for over a month, but I’m not fretting. What would be cool is a queue or something to give an idea of when users might be granted access.



I’m still on the waiting list after 2 months… Is there a reason for that?

Do you need to fulfill some requirements to get access?

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I am also not sure. I applied For it 4 months ago… :thinking::pensive:

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bruh im still waiting for 4 month and some weeks and it still not here. im so unpatient sorry.

same did you get it recently?

Yes that would be better. Even I’m waiting for it. I got codespaces access after waiting for around 5 months (or even more, I don’t remember exactly)

i am waiting for 3 weeks!!! pls github give me copilot !!

4 weeks now!!! github plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I have been more than 2 weeks! :upside_down_face:

i applied for it 3 months ago, still nothing :frowning_face:

When will GitHub copilot be available for the public?

Nope @atifjkhan :frowning_face: … Still waiting. I am very excited to get my hands on it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey people from the GitHub copilot team, if you are seeing this comment please approve access to GitHub copilot to @TarunavBA

i applied for it 3 months ago, still in waitlist

Nat Friedman said they would open publicly 2 weeks ago so it must be any day now.

I have been waiting for more than 2 month :frowning:

Did any one get access to Copilot? If yes please share couple of gifs for us to see.