Copilot waitlist

I applied on the first day that new applications were accepted, and I’m still waiting for a response.

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Any news on your end?

no bro…i applied on the first day and still no luck :cry:

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I did it today, hopefully I will get access to use it too.

Same, I did it three days ago, and I hope I will get an access to it. But I understand the creator of the topic, I am so (x3000) impatient !

Apparently it’s normal ^^ I thought I was forgotten >_<

What will be the first project you guys will try to do when you get access?

Yes it’s normal in this kind of beta, usually we wait 1 week before having an access, but since this is a closed beta, I guess it can be slower.
Otherwise, I think I’ll start by seeing what AI has to offer in the field of algorithms (competitive programming exercise), and then see what it does to implement pseudo codes found in research papers.
And you ?

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get it at all, I never got codespaces access so I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get Copilot either.

I think it will take sometime, but i’m certain we will get there
In my opinion, the more important question is: how long would it take before we see this product available for public ?
Is it going to take weeks, months, or years ?, who knows ?

I can’t wait to get access and type:

function dehashSHA512(string) 

and see how would he auto-complete it :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I don’t know if it’s luck or not but after 5 days, I just received the email to tell me that I’m in the beta! Woooohoooo