Copilot waitlist

Its been more that 50 hrs, since I am in the waitlist for github copilot. How long do I have to wait?


I’ve been waiting for 4 days now, I’m still on waitlist.
Don’t know what’s going on. Few people account activated in 24hrs

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yeah bro I’m too still on wait-list. i signed up for copilot about 4 days ago

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same been waiting for 5 days on waitlist :frowning:

Do you actually think complaining here about the wait time will increase your chances?

@Zerotask They are just trying to know if there is an issue or it’s normal

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No, I don’t think so. I read multiple such threads, here and on GH discussions. They are just impatient and want access (like everyone). This is some sort of Spam in my opinion.

A waitlist doesn’t mean you get access after a few hours. For some projects it can be months or years.

It has been 2 weeks now, Yeah I am impatient gonna admit.


Yeah, it’s been more than a week now, I’m impatient

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@vampirepapi did you get access?

@ansh172003 still not bhai

I come from the future, 3 years and counting…

I got it today, its actually awesome

How long did it take? @testproghub

It took a whole week

@testprohub when you signed up bro? how long did it take? and did you received confirmation mail?

I had signed up the day it was public in twitter 30th of June I guess, when I signed up and downloaded it in vs code, there were around 8000 downloads.
It took me a week to get access.
Currently its around 100K + downloads in vscode, So, I think it will take some time to get access.


Is there any possibility that early access is closed and we’ve indirectly been told to ‘hang in there’ until they release it for public ? i don’t hope so, but it feels so.


Applied about 15 days ago and still in the waitlist. Looking forward to being accepted :slight_smile:

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