Converting Visual Basic to Java or C#?

My dad made a calculation program that was used for calculating manufacturing costs in our family business back in 2001-2002.

The software is written in Visual Basic 6.0 (includes BAS, FRM, FRX, VBP, VBW -files)

Is there any way to open these files anymore? Does Visual Studio have support for VB anymore?

I’ve been thinking about converting/re-writing the software for a modern language like Java or C#, but i’d like to see the contents of the source code files. (We have them on paper but it would be easier to see them in an editor).

The .BAS and .FRM files should be text and readable from any language-sensitive editor like NotePad++. I may be mis-remembering: it is possible they have to be exported to text?

What you want to do is get ahold of VB6. There is an article here with possibly useful links.

You might also investigate VB6 -> VB.NET / C# converters. Someone also mentioned that Visual Studio 2008 was the last release to include a converter.

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