Converting from Bazaar: What kind of architecture to configure

Hi. I would like to migrate to git from bzr. My scenario should be simple, but i am finding it difficult to figure out the correct way to go about doing this transition.

On bzr i have many repositories (about 35) on a network drive at my company. I have them configured as what bzr calls “bound branches”. I have a branch on my company laptop where i do my work and testing. Once finalized, i commit and push to the repository folder on the network drive.

I am the only one who works on these projects, so the repositories on the network drive acts as my backups and archive for the company in case i win the lottery.

I have figured out how to export/import the project histories from bzr to git. But i am having trouble figuring out what the best architecture configuration would work best for me and the steps to getting there with importing my projects from bzr.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.