Converted personal account to organization, now Github Pages build is failing

Hey all,

I converted “juanuys” to an org, but now the Github Pages build for GitHub - juanuys/ My personal website. is failing.

Here’s the offending commit. As you can see, it only modifies some text in the markdown, i.e. no broken Liquid templating, no new plugins, etc.


OK, weirdly, the issue was

No runner matching the specified labels was found: ubuntu-16.04

So, either Actions for organisations are stricter in that they don’t allow older Ubuntu images, OR it just so happens in the 3 hours since I last made a change, the Ubuntu 16.04 image was deprecated:

Never mind! :slight_smile:

OK, there still seems to be an issue.

It now fails with this:

fatal: could not read Password for ‘https://***’: No such device or address

My Github Actions are using GitHub - helaili/jekyll-action: A GitHub Action to publish Jekyll based content as a GitHub Pages site</ti which uses a secret called JEKYLL_PAT , which wasn’t carried over in the personal->org conversion.

I swapped JEKYLL_PAT: ${{ secrets.JEKYLL_PAT }} for JEKYLL_PAT: ${{ }}:${{ github.token }}, and now it works.

Hey and welcome @opyate. Glad it works and thanks so much for keeping us in the loop!

My gut says the initial issue around the Ubuntu image may be that the docs mention that the deprecated 16.04 runner is “only available to existing customers”. Maybe the conversion of your account made you a “new” customer to the system hence not eligible to use Ubuntu 16.04. But that is just a guess.