Convert project card to issue does not trigger automation

I have an automated kanban project. In addition to the five standard columns, I have a “Brain dump / ideas” column. If I convert a card in this column no automation is triggered and I have to manually move it to the “To do” column. Is that the expected behavior?

@cportner - Given a project board created from the Automated Kanban template, creating a card in a new column and converting that card into an issue won’t trigger a move to the To do column. While that card is technically a newly created issue, it’s not a newly added issue since it’s already in the board.

While there’s not another way to configure this, our REST API has an extensive Projects API that you can leverage in either a custom application or GitHub Action if you want to move issues-transformed-from-cards automatically in this way.

If you have any additional feedback about this, we suggest submitting that through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request. That’s the best place to share requests like these in consideration for future iterations of GitHub features.