Convert an Organization with GitHub Team into free tier organization

We have an organization which is billed as GitHub Team right now ($25/month). We have 3 contributors in the organization. I’d like to downgrade to a free tier due to some changes. Since beginning of 2019 Private repositories can be free up to 3 contributors. But when I’m looking at our billing it’d say “Downgrade to Team for Open Source”. We have some open source repositories, but I still want to keep the 7 private repositories.

If I’d downgrade, would those become public? If yes, can I convert them back to private due to the recent changes early this year? How should I go about this?

I’m trying to explore all the possibilities regarding pircing models. Can it happen that the unlimited private repository is only for inidividuals but not team accounts? That would make me sad. lists [“Free”, “Pro”, “Team”, “Enterprise”]. But it seems that Free and Pro is for individuals, whereas Team and Enterprise is for organizations. There’s no such thing there as free organizations there (unless Free covers that as well, but according to the “Downgrade to Team for Open Source” I think organization is not part of that.

Hello??? Is there anybody here?

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