Controlling Github event to trigger jenkins job


I’m running into an issue:

When I add/edit/delet a file or files my github webhook triggers my jenkins job, however I don’t want my jenkins job to be triggered when I delete file or files.

Meaning I only want github to trigger my jenkins job when I add or edit a file not on delete.

Is there anyway I can control this on a Github side?


Hi @naqvisn,

You can’t limit webhook triggers this way on our end. I don’t think we differentiate between adding, editing, or deleting a file; all of it is just “pushing a new commit”. 

That said, I actually would recommend reaching out to private support for further help on this. It’s possible there might an API solution to this, but to problem solve, it might be easiest to speak with us that way instead. You can link to this forum thread when you write in so that you don’t have to type out your question over again.