Control prefix of the release source code

Hello folks!

My users are confused (state-of-the-art/BlendNet#123) with the Source code (.fmt) links in the release and I’m trying to somehow fix this issue.

For now I see those ways:

  • Is there a property to specify the prefix of the folder in the archive? I don’t want to use tag as a suffix to distribute the blender addon, so that will be great to have control over this parameter.
  • Remove the links with Source code from the release page if the artifacts was added? We can still have API requests to get those archives, but no need to show them in UI (or hide them by default for the most of the users).
  • Use .gitattributes to archive properly: seems working to not include some junk in the archive state-of-the-art/BlendNet#124 - but no way to specify the prefix dir in archive.

Thank you